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Can I print Safari Books Online content? - FAQ 1072, updated 6/27/2013
Yes, you can print individual pages. All books in the Safari Books Online collection have a print icon available near the top left corner of the viewer window. Clicking the print button will open your browser's print dialog box. From there you can select what printer you want to use to print your page. more[+]
Can I suggest a title be added to your collection? - FAQ 1071, updated 5/5/2015
Yes, you can suggest a title be added to Safari Books Online by submitting a form on our support site. more[+]
Is your website compatible for people with disabilities? - FAQ 1073, updated 6/12/2013
Safari Books Online was designed to be compatible with the ADA Section 508 Guidelines. We have also developed an accessible version of our content reader. more[+]
What are Rough Cuts? - FAQ 1070, updated 6/14/2013
The Rough Cuts service provides early access to books as they are being written. It offers you the chance to be part of the development of future bestsellers. Rough Cuts titles typically become available on Safari Books Online anywhere from two to six months prior to a book’s publication. In most cases books are about 50% completed when they initially enter the Rough Cuts service. Rough Cuts content is updated as the author and technical reviewers progress. If you have access to a Rough Cuts title you will be able to view new versions as they become available. You will also have the opportunity to comment on the content of the book as it is being written. more[+]
Where is the CD/DVD-ROM content for my book? - FAQ 1069, updated 6/14/2013
Many books are published with a CD/DVD-ROM included. Safari Books Online refers to that content as “Extras.” If the publisher has provided us with the additional content for a book or video, you can find it on the Extras tab on the catalog page for the title. Sometimes publishers opt to host the additional material on their own site, or not to provide it at all. If you have a question about Extras content for a specific book please contact our customer service department. more[+]
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